Not A Rose


Coolest project I’ve been involved with. I wrote an essay about flowers and the sex industry for artist Heide Hatry’s new book, Not A Rose. Check out the website,, for more info.

Get Your Cook On



Every article I write is special to me, but interviewing Chris Santos (@santoscooks) was a real treat. I met Santos about a year and a half ago when Justine Joli (@justinejoli) invited me to dinner at his restaurant, Beauty & Essex. As usual, she gave me no warning and I showed up underdressed and disheveled. And of course it turned out that she was one of Santos’s guests that night, and we ended up dining with the chef and his friends. I’d known of Santos and was a fan of his incredible culinary concoctions already, but I was fortunate enough to become friends with him after that dinner.

About a year later, I was trying to come up with something new to write about when I ran into the chef at a friend’s party. A truly badass dude, Santos is a fixture of New York City’s nightlife scene, and every lady I know who’s met him—or even watched him on TV—is smitten. A lightbulb went off. He was the perfect guy to teach other men the importance of knowing their way around the kitchen. And I do love getting to hang out with my friends under the guise of interviewing them for work. (What? If you could do it, too, you would.)

If you’re in New York, you should check out his restaurants, Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social, and see for yourself why he was my go-to chef for this article. His menus are to die for, and after devouring most of the offerings at each establishment, I can assure you that there’s not a single disappointing dish. (Current favorites include the red snapper tacos, crab cake corndogs, and tequila gazpacho, washed down with a nice emerald gimlet.) If you’re lucky, you’ll bump into the chef while you’re there. Or me. Because even though all my article “research” (read: dining and drinking) is done, I can’t stay away from his incredible restaurants.

To read my interview with Santos, which appeared in the September 2012 issue of Penthouse, click here.

Rebel Yell



I’m just a wee bit partial to redheads, so when I was told I’d be interviewing Ariel Rebel (@arielrebel), I was stoked. This sexy Canadian model is the perfect redhead, with a fiery personality to match her hair’s stunning hue, and we got on famously. My favorite thing about Ariel was how down-to-earth she was and how easy it was to carry on a normal conversation. I’ve done some pretty long interviews (it’s better to have too much material than not enough, after all), but over the course of two afternoons, Ariel and I chatted for about three hours. That was definitely a record.

Another thing I love about Ariel is her chutzpah. She submitted her photos to Penthouse on a whim and persuaded us to give her a chance. It’s not easy to land a spread in our pages, and for a model to get editorial space instead of the standard pictorial is pretty rare, but she managed to wow us. She did it before we got to hear her adorable French-Canadian accent, too, so you know she’s good.

To read my interview with Ariel, which appeared in the April 2012 issue of Penthouse, click here.

Body of Work

Art, Penthouse


Last year I interviewed an awesome artist named Patrick Leis. His works are some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen, but his medium is a little unconventional. Instead of painting on a canvas, Leis uses the human body to display his art. He’s won some pretty prestigious body-paint competitions, and models the world over are clamoring to work with him.

One of my favorite things about writing this article was researching Leis. In addition to being a painter, he’s also a writer, and he’s written more than a few books—-just not in English. If you Google him, you’ll see just how impressive his, ahem, body of work really is. But first you should read this article. Because I said please. (Please.)

To read my interview with Leis, which appeared in the October 2011 issue of Penthouse, click here.

Sex Toy Review: Pussy Whip

Guilty Pleasures

A couple I went to college with got married around the time I was reviewing this product, and though I loved it, I knew I had to give it to them as part of their wedding gift. I showed it to the husband first, wanting to make sure it wouldn’t upset or offend his new wife, and when he saw it, he broke into hysterical laughter. “She’ll love it!” he said. “Though I don’t know if I want to give it to her. She already busts my balls about how whipped I am….” He ended up taking it home that night, and sometime in the wee hours of the morning I got a text from him: “Best. Gift. Ever.” Apparently the wife was very happy to get a hold of the Pussy Whip.