Pet Tweets: Taylor Vixen


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I met Taylor Vixen when she was in the running for Penthouse Pet of the Year way back in 2009. She came up to the Penthouse offices with Veronica Ricci and Ryan Keely, and I interviewed them for my old “Pet Projects” column. When she became Pet of the Year a few weeks later, she became one of my most-interviewed Pets. She was everywhere, doing everything, and it was my job to ask her about it. Not that I have any complaints about that. Taylor is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever worked with. She’s so cute and funny, and we joked around a lot and goofed off and spent way more time on the phone than was necessary for my job. Once, when she was in New York, she came to the office to hang out, and we shared my desk for a few hours. This confused my coworkers, sure, but it also made them jealous. Who wouldn’t want this petite Pet sitting next to them while they worked?

Taylor was also the inaugural Pet to do the Girls of Penthouse “Pet Tweets” Q&A with me. We had a lot of fun with that. Her fans sent in so many questions, and I snuck a few of my own into the mix, too. You can read the article that ran in the January 2012 issue of Girls of Penthouse, or click here to read the full Q&A, which ran on the Girls of Penthouse Twitter account.

Pet Tweets: Emily Addison


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I don’t officially have a favorite Penthouse Pet, because that would just be wrong. There are girls I’m close with and who are some of my best friends, and there are girls who are super easy to work with, so they get bonus points. But I don’t have a favorite. That said, if I were going to pick a favorite, Emily Addison would definitely be in the running. In addition to being all the things I desire professionally—smart, funny, and really easy to work with—she’s also one of the girls I have a legit girl crush on. She’s incredibly beautiful, and every time she graces the pages of one of our magazines, I’m stunned by how good she looks. As a girl, I find it horribly unfair that she always looks so damn good.

I’m not the only one smitten with Miss Addison, though. When Penthouse partnered with Kelly.X to do a special poster for our readers, Kelly chose to paint a classic shot of Emily. She said she’d gone through dozens of photos of our models and something about Emily spoke to her. That’s probably the coolest compliment I can imagine, and Emily was definitely worthy of the honor.

Emily also happens to be one of the girls who’s been subjected to the Girls of Penthouse “Pet Tweets” Q&A. You can read the version of the interview that appeared in the March 2012 issue of Girls of Penthouse, or you can read the full Q&A—including content that was published directly to Twitter—by clicking here.

NSFW: The Road Less Traveled, Guilty Pleasures, and More

Guilty Pleasures, Penthouse


As a writer and editor at Penthouse, one of my responsibilities is handling reviews of adult novelties (aka sex toys) and interviews with adult film stars (aka porn stars). Not only do I write these fun features for Penthouse, our flagship magazine, but I also do reviews and interviews for our sister publications, Penthouse Forum and The Girls of Penthouse.

While my reviews in Penthouse are fairly infrequent, I write a column for Penthouse Forum called “Guilty Pleasures” that runs in every issue. Each column includes reviews of five or six new products (or older products that I think are still completely relevant). I write about everything from vibrators and dildos to male masturbators and penis pumps, BDSM equipment, erotic books, and everything in between. Somehow, after five years, I still find new things that I find worthy of sharing with my readers, too.

In addition, I frequently interview everyone’s favorite Penthouse Pets for the magazines. Again, my interviews in Penthouse are infrequent, but in each issue of The Girls of Penthouse I put together the “Pet Tweets” feature, which includes a dozen or questions from me and the girls’ fans (who submit their questions via Twitter, hence the column title). An addition 20-30 questions are answered exclusively on the Girls of Penthouse Twitter account. It’s fun to see what the fans are interested in knowing, and it’s always fun to ask the girls all the random questions I have. And the ladies of Penthouse never fail to amaze, amuse or confuse me with their responses.

While most of these fun adult features I write are available only in the print editions of the magazines and not on their respective websites, I’ll be sharing them here on my site as well. You can head on over to my Erotica & Sexuality page to check out past interviews and reviews, and then check back every month for updates.