Pet Projects: Pet Toys

Pet Projects

Love of my life (and 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Year) Taylor Vixen was turned into a series of adult toys by Topco, so everyone can take her home. I keep Taylor on my desk. Where would you stash her?

Pet Toys

Pet Projects: Porn Stars for Haiti

Pet Projects

Porn stars and Penthouse Pets (like Taylor Vixen) teamed up to raise money for Haiti. Because they care, too.

Porn Stars for Haiti

Pet Projects: Caligula Redux

Pet Projects

Two of my closest friends—-one of them a Penthouse Pet—-starred in an off-Broadway musical version of the famous Caligula story. Best show I’ve ever seen.

Caligula Redux

Pet Projects: iPorn

Pet Projects

You probably can’t download these apps anymore (thanks, Apple, for being such prudes), but the Penthouse Pets had some of the first (and last) Apple-approved porn-star applications. They were pretty snazzy while they lasted.