Bunny Tales: The Women of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch


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I’ve been Penthouse’s go-to girl for what I like to call the “naked lady” interviews for a few years. Whenever there’s a last-minute addition to the magazine or a hard-to-get-a-hold-of lady, I get called to action. I think it started because I was the utility player, the low woman on the totem pole and the one who generally had more time to spend tracking down the lovely ladies. But even when I got busier and had more on my plate, it was still my job, because I’d managed to develop a rapport with a lot of the girls we worked with. And, by some miracle, I almost always managed to track down exactly what we needed. So of course when the magazine teamed up with the Moonlite Bunny Ranch to start a new column, Bunny Tales, I was asked to do the interviews. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s always entertaining to get on the phone with a porn star or working girl and pick their brains. I always expect to get the same responses, and yet they always surprise me by saying things I would never imagine. Over the years, I’ve probably heard it all. I’ve had girls say things that have made me scratch my head, and I’ve had them say things that I still don’t think I’m old enough to hear. One girl I interviewed once giggled every time I asked her a “dirty” question, and could barely say the word “sex” without a mild freakout about being inappropriate, yet in her job she’d had sex with who knows how many strangers. (She was young, and when I first started, I probably had the same reaction, so I didn’t judge.) Another lady I interviewed wanted to know if I could keep her interview sort of PG because she was really excited to be in Penthouse and wanted to be able to send a copy of the magazine to her mom. (That was too cute for words. I still want to meet her mom someday. She sounds awesome.)

What I love most, though, is getting to connect with these girls. I always have to ask them about their sex lives and the “naughty,” “dirty,” “kinky” things they do on and off the job, but even in the weird world in which I work, that’s not something anyone wants to just dive into. So I always start off with a really regular conversation. “How are you?” “What’s the last book you read/movie you saw/TV show you watched?” “Isn’t it crazy that we have to have this conversation at all?” And once the ice is broken, things get interesting. Sometimes they explain parts of their job to me that I’m not familiar with (like Nuru massage … Google it), or they tell me stories that I just couldn’t imagine (like how one model was involved in a photo shoot that involved holding Pop Tarts between her butt cheeks—a story I think of every time I see a Pop Tart). What’s even better, though, is when they tell me about their personal, off-the-record lives. I get to learn about their families and pre-porn pasts, their future plans—I’m full of everyone’s secrets. My favorites are about their totally normal lives, where they go to school, read historical romance novels, or are secretly super geniuses with MBAs, PhDs, or degrees in things like public health administration, psychology, and journalism.

You can read all of my Bunny Tales interviews over on my NSFW Writing page.

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